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providing specialist care for those horses with special needs


Our 2017 calendar is now available. If you would like to purchase one you can do this as a donation or send an email via our contact page to request one.

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Castleton Ranch has just launched an appeal to support our Helping Hooves program.

We have cotton graphic tee shirts in various colors and sizes. The purchase of a tee shirt, will directly be supporting the mission of Castleton Ranch through the Helping Hooves program. Please help us to help those horses who are living in homes which are experiencing difficult times.  Horses in this kind of situation will not be receiving the proper care they need and will be at risk of being sent to auction which will, in most cases, have a bad ending for them.

To read more about this new initiative, please visit our Helping Hooves page.

Together we can keep the family horse with the family and not in the grasp of the killer buyer.

To order a tee shirt please send us an email using our contact page.

Castleton Ranch would like to say a big thank you to Google Inc. for their kind and generous marketing grant which was recently awarded to us. We are very grateful for this grant and happy to be partnering with Cause Inspired Media who are managing the grant on our behalf. Once again Google, thank you so much.

Castleton Ranch have just completed installing air conditioning into our barn and isolation area at the Valley Center Sanctuary. We do not often use the barn area as most times the horses are out in our large paddocks however there are occasions when horses need to spend sometime in a barn whilst they are recovering from some issue. At present we have two horses who are recovering from feet related problems and as it has been very hot recently, the air conditioning keeps them comfortable. Fortunately, the Valley Center Sanctuary is completely powered by solar.


We would like to thank everyone who stepped forward to help with all the rescues that we have done recently, and to all of our long standing supporters of Castleton’s mission. We could not have achieved what we have without your continued support. THANK YOU SO MUCH.  Together, we are saving lives and making a positive impact.

We would like to make a special mention of gratitude to our friend’s and partner Ark Antiques for their wonderful support of our mission. Your kindness is greatly appreciated by everyone at Castleton, especially our wonderful horses. Thank you so much.

If you would like to follow us on Castleton’s  FaceBook page but do not have a FaceBook page of your own, no problem. Just scroll down to the bottom of any of our web pages and click on the FaceBook icon  f and it will take you directly to Castleton’s FaceBook page where you will find all of the up to the minute news on recent rescues and new horses which have arrived at our sanctuaries.

If you wish to check out our status with GuideStar, the world’s largest information provider on non-profit organizations,  just look for the GuideStar Platinum Star at the top right of any of our website pages and click on it and you will be taken to our page on GuideStar’s website, where you can learn more about our organization.

We urgently need your support to sustain the operation needs of both rescue sanctuaries

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We provide rescue, rehabilitation and permanent place to call home for many horses
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