When a newly rescued horse first arrives at Castleton Ranch, they are placed into one of our isolation areas. Both ranches have these designated areas. The horse will stay here for about 7 days during which time they can be examined by our vet to ensure that they are healthy enough to join the rest of the horses.

The horse has played such an important role in America’s history, sadly though, many face a very uncertain future.

The horse has been used to great effect in wars, they certainly helped to gain our independence, they have been used extensively in farming and mining, they thrill millions of people in the racing industry and of course they are companion’s to many of us.

Yet today, the dedication, bravery and companionship which they gave without question has been forgotten by many.

Auctions around the country are filled with horses hoping to find a loving caring home. However the reality of the situation is that only a very few will find this and the safety which comes with this new home. Many thousands of our horses face a long, cruel journey across our borders to a brutal end to their lives.

We urgently need your support to sustain the operation needs of both rescue sanctuaries!



Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc., has been pro-active in saving many lives since our operation began in 2004. We started by rescuing mares and foals from PMU farms, which I am happy to say no longer exist in America. They do however still operate in Canada but mostly the PMU industry is now set up in China. Reports indicate that as many as 90,000 mares could be on production lines.

Between both ranches, Castleton has at any one time between 80 and 100 horses. We have many Thoroughbreds but also other horse breeds such as Appaloosa, Quarter, Arabian and Standardbred. Each horse has their own unique story about how they came to be here. Many of them get to tell their story when they are featured in our calendar.

A large number of our horses are old and thanks to our wonderful donors they have a safe and loving home to live out the rest of their lives.

Every horse at Castleton Ranch is cared for by our dedicated staff who ensure that their happiness and well being is at the forefront of our daily care.

Lots of good quality hay or pellets and where required additional suppliments such as senior equine steamed flat rolled oats and bran are given. All horses are on a rotating worming schedule and each are attended by our farrier every six weeks. Most of our horses are barefoot however some require shoes for a variety of different corrective reasons. All of our retired horses are groomed each week during their weekly checkover. Any issues which present themselves at this time are shared with our first class veterinarians. Ensuring that every horse has healthy feet and teeth is at the forefront of our primary care, particularly for our older horses.

Castleton Ranch pride themselves on providing all of our retired horses with the very best care possible so that they may enjoy their retirement to the fullest.

Response Rapid

Another great product from Amerdon.

Castleton have been using this product for many year’s and have seen at first hand the amazing healing power it has. It is simply wonderful for the rapid healing of fractures, with minimal calcification. It is also the best product we have used when treating arthritis. You can use the product both topically and orally. They also have a human version which we have personally used to great effect. If you don’t believe us, ask the mighty Zenyatta, who received Rapid Response every day.


Castleton Ranch has been using this wonderful product for many years and we have witnessed amazing results on horses with severe neurological disorders, including wobblers syndrome.

If you would like more information on this product, please contact www.rapidresponseamerdon.com