Lisa Ann Thomas – C.E.O. & President

Lisa founded Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc, in 2004, two years after rescuing her first horse. At the time, Lisa was working in the commercial production industry. However it soon became apparent to her that many horses were living their lives in fear, uncertainty and hunger and that many were needlessly being put to death for financial gain. Having spent many years having a horse as a companion and helping friends train horses, Lisa decided that she wanted to do something positive that would have a meaningful effect on the lives of as many horses as possible.

Today, Castleton Ranch operate two lifetime sanctuaries in Southern California which offers a safe and loving home for up to 100 horses. Castleton also operate programs to assist horses which are not living at one of the sanctuaries.

Lisa has certainly achieved her goal and still runs Castleton every day with as much passion as she did in the beginning.

Lisa Jessica White – Secretary, Treasurer & Vice President

Lisa joined the board at the start of the company. She was still working in an accountancy firm and also spent time training and learning new skills which she uses to great effect with our rescued horses. Lisa is a very accomplished rider and has a sound knowledge of veterinary applications. Lisa is a full time member of the board.

Alex Williams-Thomas – Director

Alex also joined the board when the company was formed. Alex had spent many years in  manufacturing and service industries which also took him to work in many different countries. Alex brings to Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc. a wealth of sound business knowledge which has been an important contribution to the organizations success.

Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc. shows a diverse make-up of it’s board, each member using their various experiences and knowledge to ensure that the organization manages it’s business in a manner which donors can feel comfortable with.

Daniel Hosea

Daniel Hosea is the Ranch Manager of the Lancaster sanctuary