Norco, CA Saturday, December 10th, 2016.

Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc in partnership with Forgotten Horses Rescue Inc, carefully planned and successfully rescued 12 horses from the auction. This included one horse who had been rejected by the auction due to his emaciated and overall poor condition.

There were not as many horses at the auction as had been expected however we were well prepared to take every horse that was put through the auction. In the end, we rescued 12 horses. Some private bidders took some and two Arabians were rescued by an Arabian rescue group. A number of horses found new homes.


Here are the horses which were rescued. We apologize for the quality of some of the photographs, however, the auction did not start until 10.00pm.

Well done to everyone involved in this special “CHRISTMAS MIRACLE RESCUE”.

Please help us to continue our life-saving work by supporting our on-going auction horse rescue program. Many horses are sent to auction and for most, the outcome will not be good. Please help us make a difference in their lives and be a part of our life-saving team here at Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue. Together, let’s stop auction horses from getting on the WRONG trailer.

We urgently need your support to sustain the operation needs of both rescue sanctuaries!




Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc., are delighted to announce that we have today, achieved GuideStar’s new highest rating, the Platinum Star. Castleton Ranch were asked by GuideStar, to be an early adopter of the new level, prior to it’s official launch. This new level confirms our commitment to transparency in all aspects of our work, and to our mission.

GuideStar are the world’s largest source of information on non-profit organizations and we are honored to have achieved this rating.

The Board at Castleton Ranch wish to extend our sincere appreciation to all of our wonderful donors without whose continued support we could not have hoped to have achieved so much and to have made such a positive impact in the lives of so many abandoned, abused and neglected horses.

Thank you once again for your caring support.

Most truly yours,
Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc.