WARNING. The following information is of a graphic nature and those individuals who feel they may be upset by some of the content should view with caution.

Horse abuse in America is happening in every state across our nation.

Many time’s we have read that abuse to our horses starts when they are shipped across our borders to face a horrible end to their life. In truth, the abuse starts right here on our very own soil.

Abuse takes many forms. Owners who can no longer care properly for their horse often find that the solution to their problem is to do nothing. They bury their head in the sand hoping that the problem will go away, unfortunately, and sadly for the horse, it will only get worse. They most likely had good intentions to begin with but good intentions are not good enough.

Then we have those owners who just take life’s problems out on an easy target. They starve their horse, abuse them and give little, if any, basic health care until eventually they send the poor horse to an auction and an almost certain life threatening situation.

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We cannot place the blame at the feet of the killer buyer, no matter how much we despise his choice of earning a living, he is only responding to a situation which has been created by uncaring horse owners

There is only so much that can be done by rescue groups and sanctuary organizations who are already under severe pressure as they try to respond to the increasing demand for their services. HORSE OWNERS MUST TAKE MORE RESPONSIBILITY.

We urgently need your support to sustain the operation needs of both rescue sanctuaries!


One of the worst forms of horse abuse in this country can be witnessed by anyone either attending a rodeo or now sadly watching a rodeo, live on television.

This so called “sport” is nothing more than a sham and exists to generate billions of dollars for the rodeo associations and their “cowboys”. Pain, suffering and death awaits many of the animals that are trapped in this barbaric sport and forced into taking part.

The P.R.C.A. (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) who are the largest rodeo association in the world, and who hold their annual finals each year in Las Vegas, will tell you all day long, that all of the animals taking part in the rodeo receive nothing but the best of care. Are these people serious, What a joke!!

This is just lies. The associations contract with outside individuals for the purpose of providing horses for the rodeo. Killer buyers amongst them. When each rodeo is finished, all of the horses who have survived are loaded into double deck trailers and taken to the next rodeo. The transportation methods are completely inadequate for any horse. Many are trampled and fighting is common, sometimes to the death. Those who did not survive the last rodeo could be considered to be the lucky ones, as they will not be participating in the next rodeo.

Photographs courtesy of SHARK investigations.

We urgently need your support to sustain the operation needs of both rescue sanctuaries!


Tripping a horse, although banned in California, is still very much a part of the rodeo scene. Recent reports indicate that it is spreading throughout the country as a “new” event.

Many horses suffer catastrophic injuries during this cruel “sport” however the contractors who work with the rodeo are quick to supply more horses.

Cowboys claim that horses which are used in bucking competitions are born to do this. If this is the case why do they use electric prods on them including on the genitals and anus for maximum effect, twist their tails causing great discomfort and other methods to get the horse into a state of pain and fear prior to being released into the arena. One cowboy was seen on live TV sticking his fingers into the eyes of a horse fearfully awaiting his turn.

Photographs courtesy of SHARK investigations.

Photographs courtesy of SHARK investigations.

The cowboys also use what is called a buck strap which is attached around the flank area of the horse. This is done deliberately to cause pain and irritation. You can see a number of straps on the horses in the above photograph’s.

The manufacturer of the electric prod used by these cowboys, has stated that it should not be used on a horse. They say that the horse is much too sensitive to deal with the shock it receives. Tell that to the abusive cowards who routinely shock horses to make them perform for their so called sport.

Today’s rodeo is a far cry from the rodeo of many years ago when it was a fun place to take your family. I am sure you will all remember a famous singer singing the words “riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo”. Then and now are so different. The rodeo has become a blood sport run by evil abusers who take no prisoners.

Greed, money and animal abuse are the hallmarks of today’s rodeo associations who are supported by large organizations who cannot throw enough sponsorship money at them. These organizations are household names who should know better than to associate themselves with any kind of animal abuse. It is on their conscience.

No doubt there are some events that form part of a rodeo that do not place any of the animals used in a harmful or cruel situation. Reining and cutting show the talents of both rider and horse. Sadly though, these events and a few others are well overshadowed by the abuse the animals receive in other events mentioned here.

One final question about the abusive nature of today’s rodeo. What kind of human being would create a “sport” called calf roping? They have since changed the name of the “sport” to tie down roping, but let’s call it what it is, CALF ROPING. This is where a two to three month old calf, already terrified, is made to run as fast as possible in the rodeo arena and is then chased by a cowboy on his horse. With a rope, which is secured to his saddle, this brave cowboy ropes the calf around the neck bringing it to a sudden and life threatening stop. They call this clothes-lining! He then get’s off his horse runs over to the calf and lift’s it up and body slams it to the ground to deliberately wind the poor calf even more than it already is, so that he can then tie the calf’s legs together without difficulty. As you can imagine, many calves suffer broken necks, backs and legs during this unbelievable act of abuse and cruelty. Look at the pictures below and you answer the question.

This is called a sport or just part of the “western way” of life in 21st century America. Oh really. Looks very much like animal abuse and cruelty, just like horse tripping, bucking etc, etc.

Photographs courtesy of SHARK investigations.

Please help us stop the abuse of these precious animals. We would ask that you do not attend a rodeo, ever, or watch the annual rodeo finals which are being shown live from Las Vegas by CBS Sports from December 7th through the 16th. Let us together send a message to the rodeo associations that this ongoing animal abuse must stop.

If you can, please support our rescue work and help us save other horses like Savannah, Robin, Snickers and Francis who were rescued from the living hell of the rodeo. We can, and do make a difference.

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to SHARK (Showing Animals Respect & Kindness) for their dedication to help stop the abuse of many animals. We also wish to extend our sincere appreciation for their kind assistance in the creation of this webpage.

To view more detailed information about rodeo abuse, please visit,

Please also visit A great organization doing wonderful things to help many animals, as SHARK do. Thank you, Sonja and your investigators for being there for them

“I cannot think of another example where one animal has sacrificed so much for the selfish gain of another. The former being a horse and the latter being a human.”

Satya Sidhu

We urgently need your support to sustain the operation needs of both rescue sanctuaries!