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Helping Hooves is a program designed to assist horses who are living in a home environment which is placing them at risk of not receiving the proper care they need or even worse facing the possibility of being sent to auction due to the family experiencing short term financial hardship. Many families wish to keep their horse in the family home however situations can arise which are out of their control and sadly the family horse is generally at the wrong end of the family priorities. The hope for us is that our program, Helping Hooves, can keep the horse with the family and avoid the indignity of being sent to auction, which for many horses, has a bad outcome.

Our vet is the first point of contact. He is in a position to identify a horse living in a precarious situation and he will make contact with Castleton to discuss how best we can help. Normally we will have the local feed store deliver food for the horse, we will have our farrier take care of any feet issues and our vet will take care of any medical problems which need to be addressed. This help can continue until the family are back on their feet and their horse is no longer at risk. We have also helped with situations when a horse has to be put to sleep due to ill health. This is an expensive service which many horse owners simply cannot afford. Helping Hooves can help.

The History

In the early part of 2014, it became clear to Castleton that there were far more horses that needed to be rescued than there were potential new homes. The auctions that we had attended some years earlier, were places where horses could find new caring homes, however this situation had changed dramatically for the worse. Auctions were now filled with horses who were being purchased by killer buyers. Gone were the prospects of a horse being bought by a caring new family.

Having recognized a worsening situation, we made the decision to make both of our rescue ranches lifetime sanctuaries. At this time, we had 75 horses in our care. Many were old, suffering from injury and trauma of their previous abusive past so to make them permanent residents was the logical thing to do, given the rapidly reduction in available new homes.

We continued to rescue from auctions. Our efforts were to protect older and injured horses, these were the ones at most risk. Every horse that we rescued was retired to one of our beautiful sanctuaries where they would receive the very best of care, free from hunger, abuse and neglect able to enjoy the final years of their life with dignity.

Castleton has, in recent months, partnered with other rescue groups to save many lives. At present we have almost 100 horses between both sanctuaries.

How You Can Help

The cost of sustaining this program is high and due to lack of suitable funding we are only operating this program in the high desert communities north of Los Angeles. These areas were hit very hard by the down turn in the economy and many horses currently live in these communities. It is our hope, that with increased funding, we can take Helping Hooves to other communities

Please consider supporting this program and if we can, together, prevent some horses from being sent to auction and a very uncertain future.

If you would like more information about Helping Hooves, please email to Alex at or by calling the office at 760 913 5606.


We urgently need your support to sustain the operation needs of both rescue sanctuaries!